Frequently Asked Questions

What is steemtaskr?

Steemtaskr allows you to find people to do the things you need doing. Post tasks that you need done, and fellow steemians can offer their services to you. As a task creator (tasker), you set a price in SBD or STEEM that you are willing to pay, and people keen to do your task offer an amount they will accept to complete your task. This offer can be higher or lower than the price set by you. As the tasker you decide the offer that best suits your requirements, and then let the task completer do their stuff.

What can I list on steemtaskr?

Aside from x-rated and illegal things, you can list anything that you think a fellow steemian can do for you. Need a new logo? Find a talented photoshop expert to whip one up for you. How about someone to translate or proofread your latest post? Or code a bot? Deliver a package? The list is limited only by your imagination. You can even use it as a 'wanted to buy' (WTB) classified.

What are TSKR tokens?

TSKR tokens are used to pay your fees on steemtaskr. They are a novel token created on the steem-engine platform, a new smart contract and distributed exchange created by a couple of clever steem witnesses. You can purchase TSKR easily on the exchange with steem. If you use as your steem blog, you even get a simple wallet display of your collection of steem-engine tokens. The @steemtaskr account will also be airdropping tokens from time to time, so follow along to get some free fees on the platform.

How do I pay my fees?

Taskers are required to pay their fees with the TSKR token upon completion of their task. To pay fees, simply transfer the correct amount (see fee schedule), to @steemtaskr via To do that, first purchase some TSKR if necessary, and then go to your wallet on steem-engine and click the arrow to transfer. Payments should be made as soon as possible after the completion of your task.

What if my task/offer won't post?

Tasks and offers are posted to the steem blockchain as a permanent record of a transaction. The blockchain protocol has limits on how often you can post. This can be up to 5 minutes between posts. If you find your tasks/offers aren't posting, please try again in a few minutes. Additionally, each steem account has what's called 'resource credits'. These dictate how often you can post as well. Smaller accounts have greater limits on posting imposed on them. Keep this in mind too.

Why won't my task/offer delete from my blog?

The steem blockchain protocol doesn't allow deleting posts that have offers (i.e. comments) or votes on them. While the task or offer will remain on your blog, it will be deleted from the steemtaskr platform.

What if one party doesn't deliver or pay?

Currently there is no formal dispute resolution process, but @steemtaskr is happy to help mediate a dispute over a seven day period. During that time parties will be encouraged to come to an agreement, and if they can't the task will be cancelled. At present there is no reputational system on steemtaskr, but this is on the cards for a future release.

How do I report a bug or give feedback?

You can find me (@revo) on discord to discuss any issues.
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